Thursday, June 19, 2008

Comfy Folding Chairs

These aptly named Comfy Folding Chairs from Bed, Bath, and Beyond are amazingly, almost demonically, comfortable. They're versatile (they'll work on a porch, in a living room, in a kid's room, etc.). They're lightweight and can be broken down and stored, and they cost just $39 ($32 if you use one of the store's ubiquitous 20% off coupons). There's really no reason not to own a couple of these things.

I'm not sure why they call them "folding", though. They're essentially a cushy pillow attached to a collapsible aluminum stand.


Dave said...

Does the pillow detach when you fold up the chair? Just based on the photo on the link, I'd think I'd break it the first time I sat in it, but it does look comfortable.

Jim Leff said...

Detach, yes. Break, no. Trust the comfy folding chair.

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