Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Grease Stain Remover Page (and more!)

The Grease Stain Remover Page is jam-packed with bizarrely unlikely, yet somehow strangely compelling, homegrown fixes. Pour a can of Coke in with the wash! Smear with Cheez Whiz! Spray with lighter fluid or hairspray!

I couldn't stop reading, buoyed particularly by the zesty corroboration by the web page's anonymous proprietor ("Thanks so much Tiki! Super Tip!!"; "Thanks for the dandy tip Ellen!! Works like a charm!"; "Thanks Beth.... yes, your tip has been a great help!") who must spill an awful lot of grease on herself.

I don't do my own laundry, so my interest is purely aesthetic/cultural, but I love this sort of thing. I also read eagerly through those trucker owner/operator magazines stacked up in truck stops down south.

If you share my predilection, here's a remarkable and completely unknown book, available second-hand for under $3: "And I Thought I Was Crazy!", a treasury of human quirks compiled from umpteen contributors. Breathtaking wisdom and pathos in a trashy, cheezy, mass market paperback.

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