Friday, January 24, 2014

Christie 'N Kids

Like many moderates, I've considered Chris Christy to be one of my less-disfavored Republicans. I recognized him as a brutal hard-ball style politician, and I realized that some of the Obama-hugging after Sandy was theatrical, but I'm not the sort of person who needs to, like, love politicians to support them (anyone who finds a politician lovable is way too Koolaid-swilling for my taste).

The GWB scandal (and even the Hoboken scandal, if true) dismayed me, but I'm way too politically cynical to have been surprised. Christy and his aids should certainly be busted for any wrongdoing, but, hey, "welcome to politics".

But while "the game is the game" (as they say on The Wire), here's something that totally bummed me out. Christie answered questions from schoolchildren the other day, and I really really don't like how he's interacting with these kids. The nasty-assed snickering, the back-turning, the over-head-talking...ick. I don't have to love politicians, but I prefer not despise them...and thuggish true colors ring out here. It's pretty jarring, check it out.

Watch for a minute or so starting at 3:17 after the commercial in the video below.

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