Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Where's George?

Don't be a killjoy! If you find yourself with money stamped "Track this bill at", go to the site and add your part to the tracking. It's enterducational!

I learned about them when I received such a bill, yesterday, and discovered that it was first received at a bank window in Webster Groves, MO two years ago.

They're not allowed to sell the stamps any more, so nothing new will be defaced. It's just a question of tracking what's out there, and it's fascinating to see how far and how fast bills travel.

More info courtesy of NPR

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Jeffrey Newberg said...

"Where's George" is still going strong. The website is not allowed to sell stamps, but third parties do.
Any office supply store can make one for you or you can go to and purchase many types of George stamps. New bills are going out every day.

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