Monday, March 6, 2017

Follow My Twitter *Likes*

I've mentioned several times that Twitter is telling the story of Trump's downfall a month ahead of mainstream media. Mainstream press can't run with conjecture, while Twitter floats more primordial data points. Of course, conjecture is inherently less trustworthy ... unless you follow the right conjecturers - i.e. those with proven insight, connections and track record, as I do.

You may not have time/interest to deeply dive into a half dozen very active Twitter feeds every day as I do, but, as a service, I will start "favoriting" essential tweets as a leaving of breadcrumbs. Feel free to follow along here. Note that before today, my faves were usually marked for their cleverness, not their informational usefulness (still, I'd recommend delving a few months into the backlog).

You can also read this Twitter list of mine presenting the cumulative feeds of all my every day reads (mostly anti-Trumpers on the right and center, who have much better insight, discipline, and non-partisan motivations than the strident lefties who've been just wildly freaking out, usually counterproductively). Just remember one thing: Louise Mensch is breathless, overly dramatic, scarily manic, and appears to be way too wrapped up in frothy meth-head-ish conspiracy connections. She will ring every bell in your brain's "whack-job" detection center. But she's been right an awful lot, and many (though not all) of the staid, respected people I read respect her. If you want to see the full crazy, that'd be this guy. I don't know what to make of him.

How big a conspiracy is it? Well, I hold two truths to be self-evident: 1. the Trump campaign changed the Republican platform on Ukraine in exchange for Russia's DNC hacking, and 2. the Trump admin is full-to-bursting with people with questionable connections to Russia. I'd stress that connections to Russia are not necessarily a bad thing, and the left must avoid frothy McCarthyite hysteria (because that, in itself, is a patented Russian move). I have no problem with senators (e.g. Sessions) and presidents meeting Russian ambassadors and such. But when they lie about it, that's a great big problem.

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