Friday, March 23, 2018

Note on Levels of Arrogance/Gravitas

I just noticed a strange compression effect in the levels of arrogance/gravitas listed in my previous posting.

Every level up to Level 5 thinks they're really at the level above:
Claus von B├╝low and Seb Gorka think they're Stuffy Professors.

Stuffy Professors think they're Aloof Professionals.

Aloof Professional think they're Good Guys.

Good Guys think they're Get ‘Er Done.
On the other side, every level above 5 thinks they're one level down:
Senile/Crazy think they're Me (I attract crazy people, who assume we're kindred spirits)

I feel like The Dude.

The Dude feels like a Slacker.

Slackers secretly fear they're Shlubs.

....and Shlubs definitely think they're Get ‘Er Done.
Get ‘Er Done just get ‘er done.

Here's a reminder of the levels:

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