Thursday, September 12, 2013

For Example...

It struck me that many of you won't want to surf through the untold thousands of snarky comments to my Libertarianism article. Can't say I blame you! So here is my favorite single bit of mule-ish miscomprehension:

I wrote (in part):
Every system is corruptible, and in the end all but a tiny minority gets screwed. Fortunately, things inevitably churn. Discontentment peaks, corrupt, unviable systems are overturned, and a fresh new corrupt, unviable system replaces it. The ending of Animal Farm is not a tale of failure. On contrary, it's humanity's sole saving grace that the pigs in charge are periodically replaced by slightly less entrenched pigs. That's really the best we can hope for. Blame Eve for eating that apple.
And this is a response I got on Twitter:

I noted that some of the people leaving gut-stupid comments seemed otherwise intelligent. Sure enough, this person is - I kid you not! - the communications director for the Brookings Institute. The communications director!!!

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Display Name said...

Last winter Jim I had just come back to my friend John's house after a night of gaming. He was making us tea and we were going to continue our competition when he picked up the local newspaper and turned to the op-ed section. I heard an emotional "oh!" from him. He seemed pretty upset. I asked him what was up. He told me that he knew what he would find in the op-ed section would upset him but he needed that emotional rush. It got his adrenline going you see.
Thanks by the way for mentioning Breaking Bad. I never would have watched it otherwise and talking about it even helped me connect with a guy who didn't like me much at the gaming shop. Well he did have a nasty chemical burn on his hand.

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