Monday, June 15, 2009

Biden/Palin 2016

Speaking of lack of wily circumspection (see the posting one down from this one), Joe Biden, the Baron of Blurt, this week let loose that he still has his eye on the presidency, thus needlessly destabilizing the administration's power dynamic. 

And,a  day later, they're already writing stories about Sarah Palin versus Joe Biden in 2016. If the notion seems preposterous, note that author Mark McKinnon is a political heavyweight.

While I find Biden likable and agree with him on several policies, the last thing our country needs any time soon is a reversion to ill-measured impetuous leaders, likable or not. I'd vote for him over Palin, but pray it never comes to that.

I should note, in passing, McKinnon's reference to how Palin's been lipsticking up:
"She got thrown in the deep end before she could swim. As my friend Stuart Stevens said, “It was like picking someone of the street and telling them they had to take the M-CATs the next day.” But, she dog-paddled furiously, thrashed about, made a lot of waves, and managed not to drown. And now she’s got her water wings. And she’s working on her strokes. And by 2012 or 2016, she’ll be a lot stronger."
This entry I wrote last fall may come to haunt us all. Money quote:
"Whatever you think of Palin, she's likely to remain on our national scene for another three decades. That's a very long time. She'll fill in the experience gap. Her following, already fervid, will only grow. And she may one day be our Margaret Thatcher."

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