Saturday, October 24, 2009


I realize this is a bit blogish, but some questions have been consuming me.

Why don't people visit carwashes on rainy days?

When drivers reach for something with their non-steering hand, why does it make passengers more uptight if they do so sloppily and lengthily (i.e. directing most attention to the road) than if they do so swiftly and efficiently (i.e. taking attention off the road)?

Why do even the most sophisticated observers tend to rate local things only locally (e.g. if a Rembrandt were born in Akron, he'd be deemed, even by local experts, "an excellent Akron artist")?

Why do people wait right up next to the baggage carousel even when their bags are not imminent, blocking the way for those whose suitcases are approaching?

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Big Fella said...

Here are the answers to your questions:

1. Because the taco truck won't be there.

2. Wouldn't it scare you if I was driving, with the right hand on the wheel, and I reached over with my left hand to get something out of my right pocket, and I wasn't certified Chinese circus contortionist?

3. You'd rather Rembrandt be called an excellent Cleveland artist?

4. Mankind is an eternal optimist.

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