Monday, August 23, 2010

Great Ball Point Pens

There was a sort of ballpoint pen my family used when I was young and which had been lost to me for many, many years. Nothing fancy or precious, those pens simply worked dependably and felt perfect in the hand, neither weighty nor flimsy. They were made by Papermate, but these, from Parker, are very similar, and my life's been just a little bit better for having found them.

The above link is for a ten pack on Amazon, but I found much cheaper five-packs on eBay.

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joshi said...

for us geeks growing up in mumbai, nothing ever matched the coolness and easy to useness of sheaffer student (ink) pens. parker ball points were great, but you weren't allowed to write exams/hw with ball point. only ink.

some kid once brought in a green art deco parker ball point - i've lusted for it since.

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