Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bell's Beer

I've been waiting for Bell's Brewery (from Kalamzoo, MI) to send their beers to NYC for twenty five years. Tonight, they arrived. Their lineup can be a bit inconsistent, but if you stick to the hits (e.g. Two Hearted Ale, Expedition Stout, Amber Ale, and a new power lager, Quinannan Falls, which is stupendous), you'll enjoy some deftly balanced, three dimensional brews, often with a focused flavor core from which secondary flavors amply cascade.

I took this shot at Williamsburg's Barcade which, to my surprise, turned out to do a decent job of epitomizing 21st century Brooklyn:

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Karol Kuczaj said...

Jim, I'd love to get together soon! Call it expedition stout ;)

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