Wednesday, August 5, 2015

So How Do You Like It?

Whenever The Powers That Have Been have made deep changes to Chowhound (per the latest), they inevitably ask for "feedback" from the community...after the changes are a fait accompli. It always strikes me like this:
"So how do you like it? We're not going to change a thing, and we didn't give enough of a crap to ask your opinion while we were actually planning any of it, but kindly notice how solicitous we're being as we ask how you like it! You like it, right?"
It's just like when waiters ask, as they quickly blow by your table, "So how's your meal.....good?"

Note: coming up in the next day or two, the dramatic conclusion to "Bubbles, Slogs, and Selling Out", my epic series about the sale of Chowhound to CNET (now CBS). If you're not up to date, consider a binge-read!

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