Saturday, March 4, 2017

Cornered Rat: The End Game Begins

The Obama wiretapping accusations are Trump's desperate attempt to pre-delegitimize the damning evidence soon to emerge from the various Trump/Russia intelligence investigations, which may be wrapping up. This is very important. It's the first serious step in the endgame of a cornered rat who'll do literally anything to save himself.

We are entering the stage of greatest danger. The real peril was never Supreme Court appointments, executive orders, nor kleptocracy. The danger is in the end game as it all crashes down; in the thrashing machinations of a monumentally powerful and single-minded billionaire engaged in an existential fight for survival of the only thing he holds dear.

Don't imagine it will go easily. Yes, Trump is willfully ignorant, unself-aware, narcissistic, and likely suffering from early-stage dementia. But when it comes to convoluted maneuvering, he's sharp as a tack. Sharper than most of us. Have you seen this map of his tangled business enterprises? I fancy myself a reasonably intelligent person, but I am shocked and awed at the ability (even with plenty of fancy, expensive help) to generate and manage anywhere near this level of strategic complexity. I couldn't keep it in my head. He can. Mock the enemy all you'd like, but it's foolish not to acknowledge and respect his skills.

Trump will lose in the end*, but it remains to be seen what shape we're left in. This is a very, very dangerous remorseless cornered rat.

* - And, no, Pence will absolutely not be "worse"; liberals who say so are as blinkered as conservatives who currently refuse to put country over party

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