Sunday, July 17, 2011

Brain Bugs ("The Cognitive Flaws That Shape Our Lives")

It's weird how a lot of stuff I get interested in eventually becomes trendy. I guess that's something someone might boast about, but I'd rather be squarely in the middle of stuff rather than always being the lonely nerd enthusing about stuff nobody gives a damn about (yet).

I just came across this recent episode of Fresh Air about brain bugs ("The Cognitive Flaws That Shape Our Lives").

I've been fascinated with the subject years. Here are a few brain bugs I've noticed:

Never Count on Redemption
Ceding to the Idiots
Natural Egocentric Dispositions
Going All the Way in One's Shmuckery

...and, especially, this trio:
Selfishness and Generosity
Common Strange Shifts of Perspective
and More Strange Perceptual Shifts

Finally, see Leff's Laws

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