Thursday, January 17, 2013

NYC Parking Data Bonanza

Did you know there's a web page that will tell you parking regulations for any block in New York City?

Plus, check out all the delicious data on this page, including a downloadable csv file with all the street parking data used by the search engine linked above. God bless our technocratic mayor.

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Hey Jim

There's a website, that uses the same data but with a much better interface. There's an associated iPhone app that I use pretty often in the city. It costs a few bucks, I believe, although the website is free.

btw, sometimes the data on the city website is wrong - I'm not sure what the update lag is. For instance, they changed the parking regulations around my apartment close to six months ago but still haven't updated the public-facing data.


Jim Leff said...

Ooh, nice!! Thanks, Pter!

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