Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Really Transportive Tour of the Int'l Space Station

We've all seen videos of astronauts conducting video tours of spacecraft from orbit. They're usually cramped, grainy, awkward, and presented in a neutral military tone which only adds to the unreality.

But this video's different. First, the International Space Station is more spacious than, say, the space shuttle, so people can really move around. And the recording quality is much better than usual. And affable guide Sunita Williams somehow manages to convey the feeling of being there. Plus, it's quite touching to hear her unaffected tone of respect for the Russian space pioneers (the station's half staffed by Russians), whose accomplishments "remind us of our roots". Our roots (Williams is American). Right on.

The end result is the most vicarious experience of space I've ever seen. I started watching casually, but was held in rapt, slack-jawed attention for the entire 25 minutes. And the same's true for lots of viewers, judging by the comments.

I realize the Internet's full of people urging you to check out this or that video link, but this one's different. If you watch it, you'll be glad you did. I promise!

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