Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Cold, Hard Truth About Obesity

We can talk about metabolism and heredity all we want, but if you'd care to view the cold, hard truth about obesity, stand around any location where an escalator and a staircase are side-by-side. And just watch the size of the people choosing each respective option. Within thirty seconds, you'll see what I mean.

You might protest that heavier people choose the escalator because their extra weight makes them more sluggish (i.e. weight is the cause, not the effect). But that observation can be demolished by going anywhere bells are rung to signal meals. You'll see how fast fat people can move. I've done this, and noticed, to my horror, that the first wave to arrive is always overweight. Thin people come last.


vhliv said...

I believe it was when I was in graduate school, I made a conscious decision to avoid elevators as long as the trip was not too much. I've never set a fixed point when the elevator becomes permissible, but I would say it is about 7-8 flights. I remain a bit chubby, but I always feel better for it, and I am amazed at the way people will take an elevator to go up one or two floors.

Jim Leff said...

As a suburban kid, I take my car way too much, and circle endlessly to find close parking. No idea why. I actually like walking.

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