Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Buy LED Bulbs Now

Home Depot's running an unadvertised [see update note, below] sale on the Cree LED 60W-equivalent soft white light bulbs - the top-rated ones in this exhaustive survey. They cost an insanely low $9.97 per bulb (no adapter's necessary; they screw into any normal socket). For comparison, the bulb costs $18 on Amazon. And normally sells for $13 at Home Depot. This price - available in-store only as of now - is crazy low.

This is LED - cutting-edge technology! - not fluorescent, so there's no annoying hum or sickening light quality (there are some reports of noisy performance when the fixture's on a dimmer switch). Plus stupendous efficiency and a long lifetime ("long" as in a ten year warranty!).

Most seem to prefer soft white (which Cree apparently used to brand "warm white"; this has the same bright temperature of 2700K) rather than cool white, which is also on sale at Home Depot.

I just installed one in a hard-to-reach fixture, and the light's as good as incandescent. At this price, there's no reason not to stock up. They'll pay for themselves in just a few years, you'll never have to change them, and you're helping the environment.

Update: the sale's "unadvertised" no more. The new price now appears on the bulb's page on (though it's not available via mail order).

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