Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"Still Rad in Rehab"

I don't know any of these parties, but the story (and the photo, and the daughter's blog) affected me:
As many of you know, [artist] Ron Baron, his wife Irit and Ron’s daughter Ruby recently suffered devastating losses. On Thanksgiving eve, Ron and his family were driving to join relatives when their car was involved in a collision in Hillsdale, New York. Ron and Irit lost their 5-year old daughter Naomi. Ron’s 14-year old daughter Ruby suffered permanent damage to her spinal column. Ruby is now in rehab for several months at the RUSK Medical Center in New York City.

Please visit Ruby's wonderful blog STILL RAD IN REHAB

Since Ruby has been lovingly raised between two blended families, both of her households must be ready to accommodate her needs and new challenges. Ron and Irit are now arranging a home that will be wheelchair accessible and comfortable for Ruby. They also need a handicap accessible car to share in Ruby’s transport.

Sadly, an insurance settlement will not cover their expenses.

This is where we can help. We are dedicating this fund specifically for Ron & Irit‘s immediate expenses for Ruby's return home. Our goal is $75,000.
I sent a check, along with this thought (which I hadn't originally intended to publish here, but, what the hey):
I've never met a person who wasn't somehow disabled. In the end, it's not the cards you're dealt, it's how you play them.

The miracle of human beings is that we're finite - i.e. limited - in every respect, yet we're capable of infinite love, infinite creativity, infinite joy, and infinite wisdom within those limitations.

If you love transcendence, you've got to cherish the obstacles which spur it; the necessity which mothers the invention.

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