Friday, January 31, 2014

Oldies, Hopefully Goodies

A couple of my old reviews just went up on Chowhound: my Peter Luger review from 2003, and my original DiFara Pizza review from 1998.

You can find a bunch more of my old writings here.

Not many people paid much attention to the super-ambitious ten week Chow Tour my corporate overlords at CNET forced me to take (Clay's memorable line was "I'm not asking you to do this, I'm telling you to do this"), but I believe I extracted some real good lemonade. Coverage starts here (and you can navigate using the sidebar). Some of the more popular stand-alone entries included:

Biltmore Blueblood Blues (Plus Barbecue) (suffering in splendor at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC)
The Greatest (Chowhounding) Story Ever Told (miracle tales in rural Kentucky)
36 Sublime Hours in Newfoundland (Newfoundland is like heaven)
Madly in Love With Maxine's (the scary black sheep of the Bardstown, Kentucky restaurant scene turns out to be the only place with real heart)
The Enchanted Misty Mountain of Tea and Excrement(drinking rare tea and eating strange food with the legendary David Hoffman in NoCal)
Chow Tour Redux...or: Lots and Lots of Millet (thinking back on What It All Meant)
...and Vacation Tamales (incredible tamales in Puerto Vallarta)

Finally, I got good response from my "Chowhounding St. Louis" article posted here to the slog last year.


Friends of the Garden of Ideas said...

Ha! Love the Newfoundland piece--we hit some of the same spots when we were there on a delirious autumn trip a decade ago. I devoured dozens of Newfoundland novels afterward, and highly recommend anything by Howard Norman, especially "The Bird Artist".

James Leff said...

I'll have to read it! But not in winter, when it's nearly impossible to get up there; it'd make me too sad!

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