Friday, May 26, 2017

Schiff/Yates 2020!

"But wait...we don't know anything about Sally Yates' ideology," you might note.

I don't care. She's competent, honorable, and honest. At this juncture, that's quite sufficient.

Even if I found a politician who was a perfect match for my political positions, there's no assurance they'd actually pursue them, much less successfully implement them.

I've come to recognize that all those people who always voted for president on their guts (rather than on hard/fast issues) may have been onto something. At this point, I'm post-issue. I thirst for honor and decency above all else. 

The question, of course, is whether I can be conned. Not being conned requires an awful lot of experience, insight, and self-discipline. And I'm more cynical than ever about political systems requiring such attributes.

If it sounds like I don't have an answer, well, welcome to human society. If there were an ideal solution, we'd all be living happily and equitably. In fact, if you believe there even is an ideal solution, I inherently mistrust you. From that last link:
"...every century or so eggheads proclaim some smug new utopian plan (which always sounds great on paper) destined to create a permanent steady state of prosperity and happiness. Communism was one. Libertarianism is another. But pure intellectual concepts always lack real world pragmatism. You can announce your brilliant pure plan but I don't believe it, I don't trust it, and I know it's bullshit before you even explain it to me."

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