Monday, May 15, 2017


I've been hinting, for some time, about an ambitious project I've been working on. Well, here it is. It's an app (for Android and iOS) called Eat Everywhere, which guides you in navigating virtually every cuisine. And it's on sale now.

Eat Everywhere offers on-the-fly help in restaurants nearby or abroad. Based on many years of experience guiding people through eating adventures, it's chock-full of strategies and pro tips for scoring slam-dunk dishes. Everybody loves lasagna, samosa, and pad Thai, duh. But chebureki, pambazos, and mishti doi - and thousands more - are equally lovable. This unlocks everything!

It includes pronunciations for all terms (can you believe no one's ever offered that before?), and painstakingly selected web sites with deep info on each cuisine (can you believe no one's ever offered that before, either?). There are dish suggestions for vegetarians, and for kids and other fussy eaters. "Litmus test" dishes (to quickly gauge restaurant quality). "Ice-Breaker" dishes (not always available, but you'll impress the hell out of your waiter by asking!). And more. Plus, it's witty. Once you dive in, you'll be lost for hours.

I myself constantly refer to this app. It contains not just everything I know, it's everything I wish I could remember, and the chow-how of a team of expert eaters. We spent two years building this 200,000 word magnum opus together.

This has been a dream of mine for decades. Like Chowhound, it's something I desperately wanted as an eater. The Internet needed, and your smart phone needs Eat Everywhere. You won't imagine how you lived without it. Click the logo, above, for more info.

If you'll buy it, I promise you way more than your five dollars' worth. And if you'll also star-rate it in App Store/Google Play, and share our web page with your friends and social network, this might get a little popular, which could help increase appreciation for immigrants and foreigners (we all do what we can)!

Eat Everywhere makes a great gift. It's one of the only food resources that's useful for both experts and newbies. Whichever you are, you surely have someone at the other extreme in your life who could use this! Shoot, who wouldn't want this tucked away on their phone - a lifeline for whenever you find yourself eating outside your comfort zone, or seeking a change of pace, or traveling?


Richard Stanford said...

Thanks of the love for us vegetarians. I'd say that my number one use for googling ingredients at nice or ethnic restaurants is trying to figure out whether an unknown listed word is a fancy mushroom/cheese/etc or another new word for beef fat.

Jim Leff said...

Thanks, Richard. I can't say we've created a 100% rock solid reliable veg ethnic dining resource, but I'm pretty sure we tried harder than anybody out there.

Most mainstream guides just fling any dish featuring a vegetable, with no consideration of fats, stocks, etc. And most vegetarian guides are neutral on deliciousness and authenticity.

We paid lots of attention to all three legs of that pedestal, and our intention was to make vegetarians feel like we've got their backs; that we understand the sort of strategizing they need to do, etc.

Burton said...

Looks really interesting. Quick note on the pronunciations for the korean category: Some are fine; some are off slightly; some are way off (as in will not be understood). Glad to provide specifics if you like. Either way, would be good to have someone conversant check it over to ensure usefulness. Best of luck with the new app!

Jim Leff said...

Please do. Use address in the app. We'll credit you! Thanks.

We certainly had conversant people check over everything. Doesn't mean everything was caught. Natives pronounce things differently from each other....and DESCRIPTION of pronunciation is even more divergent. But we'd love to add your impressions to the mix! thanks!

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