Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Wit and Wisdom of Stephen Colbert

There's an interesting interview of John Stewart and Stephen Colbert in Entertainment Weekly (which, naturally, I read avidly). It includes this quote by Stephen Colbert:
After the 2006 Correspondents' Dinner [in which Colbert gave a scathing satirical speech about Bush with the President right in front of him, earning some hardcore Beltway backlash], Jon said, ''You touched it. You got close enough to touch it, and it got on you.'' Then more than a year passed, and I got kicked off the ballot in South Carolina during my brief presidential run. I had actually been on the phone with people in South Carolina, telling me I was gonna be fine. People were on the phone lying to me. And I called Jon and said, ''I touched it...again.'' That was disappointing. I thought I could put myself all the way in it and not feel it, but I did. I realized, ''I understand, maybe, why people end up not being so good.'' Because they get lied to a lot.
Here's a great bonus Colbert quote:
The idea that Lehman Brothers doesn't get any money and AIG does reminds me very much of ''Iran is a mortal enemy because they have not achieved a nuclear weapon. But North Korea is a country we can work with, because they have a nuclear weapon.'' The idea is, Get big or go home.

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Pat said...

I'm sure I'd have missed this. Just wonderful and scary! Thanks

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