Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Important iPhone Tip

If you use an iPhone outdoors and one single raindrop gets in the headphone jack, it may trigger a water sensor which will permanently void your warranty - even if the phone is otherwise unaffected by the moisture. And there's a second water sensor on the bottom, at the charging plug.

Both of these open jacks permit all sorts of stuff to get into the inner workings of the phone, including
dust and pocket lint. And, for convenience, most cases leave these jacks wide open.

One solution is a
water-resistant case, but those tend to be insanely bulky.

But even better is the simple $15 "Colors" case from SwitchEasy, which comes with protectors for both jacks.

Also, just to blow your mind, someone's actually selling an
iPhone stylus! Which reminds me: where can I get a head cleaner for my MP3 player?

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