Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Normal" is the New "Emaciated"

Apropos of the weight loss series, I've dropped another few pounds and am now wearing 31/34 pants. And while I'm certainly not freakishly thin - in fact, I'm not even on the skinny side of "normal" - I can no longer buy pants at my usual source, J Crew, which doesn't carry that size.

Is the country so paunchy at this point that non-obese customers can no longer find clothes to fit?


joshi said...

many congratulations on your weight loss!

i dropped 50 pounds by eating freshly made food at home and generally avoiding carbs: very few upto the afternoon and none at night. i do remember a certain irascible friend asking me what that silly rule of no carbs at night was (grin).

anyway, about the paint sizes in the us: they are deliberately understated. if i buy pants here in the uk, they are between 32 and 34. in the us its 30.

Jim Leff said...

I still think it's silly! See my series on "How Fat People Diet" (especially the one about to post in the next day or two).

Current thinking among nutritionists (which confirms what body builders have known all along) is that a careful mixture of clean carbs, proteins, and fats at every meal is healthiest, leaves you feeling the best, and is most helpful in weight regulation. Few respected nutritionists (and fewer still athletes) got on the no-carbs bandwagon, and fewer still remain on it at the present moment. I don't think it's healthy at all.

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