Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Nonexistent Upstairs Neighbors

Here is a recording of my upstairs neighbors. The only problem is that I have no upstairs neighbors. Above me is an (empty) attic, and, above that, the roof.

I don't think it's a woodpecker. It's more of an intermittent clunking than a woodpecker's relentless hammering. It actually sounds a lot like Jacob Marley trudging around (God bless us, every one). Or could it be my old biz partner, Bob Okumura...?

My Nonexistent Upstairs Neighbors

Does anyone have a theory?


Patricia said...

It definitely sounds like a creature. Or perhaps it is the ghost of Christmas past?

Anonymous said...

I can barely hear the audio, but I'll take a SWAG at it. A small mammal, on the order of an opossom, raccoon, etc.

Peter Hoh said...

My experience with squirrels was that they made fast, skittering noises.

The other day I thought I had a woodpecker attacking my house. Turned out it was a blue jay, pecking at something in my gutters.

Anonymous said...

I don't the source of the beautiful music you hear in your attic, but indeed you are a lucky man, as lucky as any Russian Cosmonaut.

Jim Leff said...

Ah, if I was only as lucky as the Russian Cosmonaut....!

Thanks for the comment!

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