Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spain Trip Part 6: Chocolate Leftovers

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Part 2: Calçots Somewhere in Catalonia
Part 3: The House of Garlic Mayonnaise
Part 4: Spanish-Italian Fusion in the Countryside
Part 5: Barcelona Holdouts

Before we leave for Seville, there are a couple of chocolate items to throw in. Barcelona has a gleaming new Museu de la Xocolata, or Chocolate Museum. I had a cup of hot chocolate in their cafe, and it was proper Catalan hot chocolate: luxuriously thick and bitter. The cookie was merely stylish - haughty ingredients that amounted to less than the sum of the parts:

I also had a fine cup at Cacao Sampaka (Calle del Consejo de Ciento, 292; 932 152 544), not far from La Valenciana, the horchateria discussed in my previous report. It was excellent, as well:

Both venues are representative of the new, shiny (not to actually say "pretentious") post-Olympics Barcelona. There are a number of older hot chocolate spots, the best of which is an ancient, woody, atmospheric, and decidedly unshiny place called Dulcinea (Carrer de Petritxol 2, Barcelona) which also makes great churros.

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