Thursday, May 27, 2010

Back and Forth on Sony

This profile from a recent Wired Magazine of Sony CEO Howard Stringer, making the case that this overgrown, lazy behemoth of a company may be tanned, rested, and ready, made me consider investing in Sony. And I was impressed with how quickly Sony's jumped into the incipient Micro Four Thirds camera fray. Maybe they are indeed newly innovative and flexibly responsive.

But my ire was cooled by Sony's recently announced pact with Google re: their
TV product, a turkey of an idea (the hoary WebTV model is definitely not the future).

But now there's this news that Sony has demonstrated a working roll-up video screen. This is a tech holy grail that's been avidly pursued for decades. And the market doesn't seem to have adequately priced the news (which broke Wednesday afternoon) into Sony's stock price.

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