Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chowhound Demographics: Then and Now

Fascinating. Here are CBS' demographic figures for Chow.com (which has subsumed Chowhound, in terms of branding, if not, by any means, in terms of traffic).

Let's compare this data to the results of market research we did way back in 2001:

2001: 57% have income over $75K (30% over $125K)
2010: 34% have income over $100K

2001: 28% are age 35 - 44, and 21% are age 45 - 54
2010: 35% are age 35 - 49

2001: 89% have college degrees
2010: 57% "college" (presumably including non-graduates)

2001: 52% women 48% men
2010: 59% women 41% men

In the immortal words of Dr. Bronner: "Dilute!"


joshi said...

as a friend recently remarked, it's a disaster when you turn over the porsche to someone who's only driven double decker buses.


Big Fella said...

Well, at least my gender demographic has remained the same.

joshi said...

i just saw on alexa that chowhound gets 2/3'rd the traffic of chow.com

as we would say in mathematics: the obvious conclusion is left to the reader.

James Leff said...

Just fwiw, well-travelled profile pages for Chowhound users (which is typically the bookmarked arrival page for chowhound regulars) counts to chow, not chowhound. It was one of the first domain moves instituted.

And this is all fine. It's easier to draw advertisers to pulished content ala chow than to crowdsource content ala chowhound. So if you want to see chowhound survive, you'll root for chow's traffic!

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