Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An Open Letter to Idiot Web Developers

Dear Web Developers,

I understand your motivation in slicing up articles into a zillion pages so you earn ad revenue from all the page views. I also understand why you don't offer a "single page view" option, which would defeat that purpose. I tend not to patronize such sites, but I understand your motivation, which is logical, albeit predatory.

But if most of your articles are one or two pages and you don't offer a "single page view" option - when hitting that "single page" button would constitute a second click serving me more ads while letting me view the whole article (in case, for example, I want to search the text) - then you're being illogical and predatory, which is a really stupid strategy.

Finally, there is a special place in Hell for web developers who provide a "print" button which simply brings up your computer's print dialog without reformatting the page's text. I keep expecting such sites to offer an "Exit The Site" button which shuts down my computer.

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