Saturday, June 18, 2011

Anthony Weiner's Pension

Read this news report from Phoenix for a textbook example of how the Koch Brothers (and their Americans for Prosperity) manipulate public sentiment toward their far-right political goals - which conveniently correlate with their business interests (fun fact: I campaigned for David Koch's libertarian presidential campaign in college; one day I'll share the story of how I outgrew libertarianism. Short version: I met some poor people).

Here's the deal: Arizonans incensed by Anthony Weiner's private sex life (via total media saturation) are now furious that such a perverted bastard would get a Congressional pension for his twelve years of service (because talk radio told them to be). And Roy Miller, director of the Phoenix chapter of Americans for Prosperity, says: "Taxpayers should not be paying up. We have a problem in this country with public sector pensions as a whole, and this is an egregious example of it."

See how it works? You get the yahoos stirred up, emotionally (sex, religion, guns, blacks, gays, and Mexicans work best), then find some way to bond that emotion to a political goal. That's how it's done. Of course, the far left does the same!

Should Weiner, who's broken no law, receive his promised pension? Of course he should. If we were to deny pensions to every perverted Congressman we'd...well, we'd save a whole lot of money. But, of course, this isn't about Weiner or about Congress. It's about teachers, cops, and firemen....again. We know how those parasites collectively bargain for fair employment terms. Once we've done away with all that, it appears that we'll address their outrageous expectation of being kept alive and healthy in their old age.

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