Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Resurrect Lost Browser Tabs in iPad

I'm still alive. Let me just explain that the, er, lifestyle in New Orleans doesn't exactly lend itself to diligent blogging. Or diligent anything else, for that matter. But I just found a tech tip so hot that I need to rouse myself from my food coma to send it your way.

Say you've opened the maximum number of tabs in your iPad web browser. And then you choose to open a link in a new tab. Apple thoughtfully drops one of the tabs, seemingly lost forever, without any warning. Open more new tabs, and you'll quietly lose more old ones. I hate this!

But in iOS 5, there's a fix, albeit hidden and almost completely unknown. In the upper right of Safari, there's a "plus" sign you use to launch a new tab. Press and hold there, and you'll be offered a chance to reopen previously closed tabs.

Thank you, Cheeses....

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