Monday, March 5, 2012

New Orleans Trip #5: Freestyle Chowhounding

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I'm back in New Oreleans, and it's time to get serious. I have less than a week here, and there's work to do.

I don't like eating around on a scavenger hunt, following other people's tips. I never make out as well - and it's never as much fun - when I lose the serendipity of freestyle chowhounding. It's an irony seldom remarked upon that Chowhound, a site conceived to urge people to stop eating where they're told, is used mostly for people to be told where to eat.

I don't read Chowhound much. I never have. I use it when I get stuck (when I'm looking for something particular, or need to be explained stuff), or when I'm in a hurry or lazy (and need a specific sure-fire bite of some specific thing in some specific nabe). Other than that, I hardly track the conversation. Really, to me eating out is an adventure. A hunt. A quest! That's all the fun!

But New Orleans deserves special respect. I've spent too little time here, so there's catching up to do. I haven't eaten enough gumbo, for example, to know the difference between a very good one and a great one, so I need to calibrate on places known to be dandy for this or that. And so this trip will, alas, mostly be catch-up/calibration work.

Except tonight. Very late on a Tuesday night in the Marigny (the less touristic neighbor of the French Quarter), there's not much to eat. So I ducked randomly into a slightly shiny place, unknown to me, up the block from all the music clubs on Frenchman Street, called Marigny Brasserie (640 Frenchmen St., New Orleans, LA; 504-945-4472). I ordered linguini with charbroiled oysters, and it came pre-showered with plenty of sharp grated cheese, which is normally the last thing I'd want anywhere near oysters, but the combo was frickin' great. This dish scratched an itch I hadn't known I had:

When you've ferreted out your own deliciousness, the glow is that much sweeter. The effect seems deeply engrained in the human psyche, perhaps a legacy from the days when we speared our own wooly mammoths and such. It's likely adaptive to prefer your own kills, since they're more dependably fresh and well-chosen. And this dish, indeed, killed. Killing was achieved. Gaaaa!

NOLA's hometown brewery, Abita, makes a lot of blah products. Their single best beer, a strong "Select Barleywine", is almost impossible to find. But Marigny Brasserie had it on tap. And the servers are friendly, as were the customers that night.

Good. Happy. Gaaaa!

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Dave said...

I think MB is the descendant of Cafe Marigny. It's a good thing that you didn't read Chowhound before venturing forth. CM used to get much love from Chowhounders, and unless things have changed in the past 6 months or so, MB has received mostly disdain.

In the early days of Chowhound, when there were a fraction of the posts that there are now, I used to read every post, regardless of whether there was any chance I'd ever visit the town. I enjoy reading people's reports and opinions, and I love triangulating differing opinions (the same reason, I guess, I'm obsessed with predicting Oscar races). I think this gives me a similar kick that you get from freestyling. I like figuring out whether I have a fix on a restaurant just from reading other civilians' reviews.

That pasta photo is enticing.

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