Friday, December 28, 2012

Clever Little Online Ordering Move

I got this message when I was about to complete my order at Zingerman's Deli:

Save On Shipping
You can add up to $7.50 without increasing your shipping charges.
***Show me merchandise under $7.50 or stuff that ships for free!***

It's a small thing, but very clever, and I wouldn't be surprised if it meaningfully increases their revenue, along with other benefits (like customers ordering - and potentially falling in love with - items they wouldn't ordinarily have tried).


Barry said...

Yes, yes, so smart. I don't know why everybody isn't doing this... seems like it should be really simple to implement.

istillhatepeas said...

Tsk, tsk. But you didn't tell us what you ordered!

James Leff said...

It's a gift for someone who hates peas. And given your name tag I'd better not reveal the surprise!

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