Friday, May 31, 2013

Too Stupid for Conspiracies

To anyone in the Moslem world who saw the photo of John McCain in Syria backslapping a group of valiant rebels, one of whom turns out to maybe be a leader of a Sunni brigade which recently kidnapped a busload of peaceful Shia religious pilgrims (the photo ironically having been taken while McCain was on a trip to demonstrate that it's a simple affair to determine which rebels we should arm so we can ensure those arms stay out of the hands of violent crazies), and who understandably feel convinced of the truth of rumors that the United States is in a conspiracy with Israel and Saudi Arabia to inflame the Syrian civil war (which has transformed - as of course it had to - into a Shia/Sunni civil war) as a pretext to completely wipe out Shia Islam:

Please understand that you flatter us with such theories. I know, I know...America seems so smart and powerful. But we're not that smart. We're what I call a strong drunk. And while this photo seems rife with innuendo, the fact of the matter is (obviously to any American, though not to non-Americans) it's just a blowhard politician being an idiot. Only in the midst of extreme intelligence is everything meaningful. So if you want to understand America, look to The Simpsons rather than to Oliver Stone.

Remember Leff's Fourth Law: "95% of apparent maliciousness is actually incompetence."

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