Friday, June 7, 2013


My religion - which doesn't have a name - revolves around a single article of faith: that human greatness is nearly always overlooked, and by searching it out and appreciating it we help humanity flourish. When this circle's completed, hell is transformed into heaven. Admiring and supporting unheralded greatness is what the universe wants us to do. The angels swoon when we discover their hidden treasure - their fiendishly clever and luminously beautiful Easter eggs.

In my religion, blithely settling - floating with the tide of conventional wisdom - is a sin. Failure to herald unheralded brilliance is the root of all evil.

In my religion, your plumber might be a Da Vinci-level genius (mine actually is; more on that another time). An obscure, empty little pizzeria may be a gastronomic point of light. And a modest little post found randomly on the Internet can shimmer with radiant wisdom.

The paragraph below, which I stumbled across last month, reads like a lot of spiritual stuff you may have read, just as Di Fara Pizzeria makes what superficially looks like the sort of pizza you've had elsewhere. Can you recognize the depths, even if you don't understand all the concepts? And, just generally, as you live your life, is your appreciation honed to recognize greatness even when those around you remain oblivious? Can you accept being deemed hyperbolic when you're simply giving greatness its due? And, most of all, can you do these things earnestly, without arrogantly basking in your own discernment***?

From an otherwise not terribly interesting Internet discussion on Buddhism [the comment is no longer visible on that page]:
Duality Is embedded into brains, taught and retaught. Quiet the concept and see that suffering is also only embedded into brains. telling heart how to feel.. Hush your thoughts to control emotional reaction to such ideas and allow feelings of love for the potentials of all, as well as the experiencing of here and now. Heart is unfolding. Focus with this. You are Not an endpoint, nor were you the beginning. only the continuation of seeing-knowing, leading mind to reward for discipline in acknowledging, pursuing only what truly resonates with heart. Finding peace in the quiet of acceptance of the moment

*** - ...recognizing that others needn't share your particular assessments, just so long as they're earnestly applying their own unique capacities for appreciation?

Nano-Aesthetics is a core tenet of Apprecianity.

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