Sunday, August 11, 2013

Shoelace Tying Breakthrough

This is huge. I have completely changed the way I tie my shoes, migrating to the eminently superior "Ian Knot" technique.

This is a faster, better, easier knot. Unlike the standard way, this creates a symmetrical knot - and thus a more beautiful knot (no more peering down at one's feet with aesthetic revulsion!). And did you know that the asymmetry of standard shoe knots is what causes shoelaces to fray? Devotees of the Ian Knot report that their shoelaces, like, never ever need replacing!

It's clear enough if you carefully follow the diagram on the above-linked page. But three essential things to remember:

1. in the left hand, the lace end flows toward you; in the right hand, the lace end flows away from you

2. feed the rear lace through from your right hand; and the front lace through from your left hand

3. a certain amount of faith is required the first few times.

Here's a video:


Seth Godin said...

but it pales in comparison to the secure version

once you try it, you won't go back.

Jim Leff said...

Baby steps, Seth.

Baby steps.

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