Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Criterion Collection on Sale at Amazon

Criterion produces DVDs and blu-ray editions of great films. They seek out the best possible prints, transfer them with care, and package them beautifully with copious extras, features, and notes. Their aim is to give great films the definitive treatment, and most agree that they've succeeded.

The problem is they're expensive. But not right this second! Amazon's got the entire catalog on sale for up to 40% off right now. The new price is often lower than the cheapest used price.

As I wrote here, Barnes and Noble sometimes does 50% off Criterion sales. But I don't know if they still do, and I've never seen them offer the entire catalog at discount. (Note: also see that link for a short list of recommended titles).


Adam said...

Criterion has occasional 50% sales (they had one last week). They will email you when these occur if you set up an account on the web site. If you like the movies they put out - or if you have your eye on a particular film (say, Jimi Plays Monterey) - it is worth it.

James Leff said...

Nice! Thanks!

OTOH, the extra 10% savings would be offset by shipping charges...

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