Saturday, December 14, 2013

E-Manual Ask

I compulsively stockpile future treasure for myself, but those checks are seldom cashed. I have great books I'll never read, great CDs I'll never listen to, and a fridge door-full of decrepit condiments bought in a prior millennium.

One move that unexpectedly paid off big was a mere afterthought. I keep a folder on my computer to store PDF manuals for all my appliances and gadgets. There was no need to scan hardcopy; you can find manuals for most anything on the Internet. That's really kind of what the Internet was made for, if you look past all the porn, snark, and promotion.

Whenever anything goes wrong with my stereo speakers, my clothes dryer, my printer, my drill, my thermostat, my lawn mower, my car stereo, my car, or any of the rest, it's all right there. For that matter, if I need to know a model number, again, it's all right there. I store it all in my DropBox, so I can access it from my smart phone (I could also throw it all into Evernote).

It sounds small, but I find myself eagerly opening this folder several times per week. Year after year, this has proved one of the most useful moves I've made with my computer.


Unknown said...

Emanuel Ax reference?

Barry said...

I *have* tossed all the manuals, in PDF form, into Evernote, and it's glorious. I highly recommend it.

Barry said...

On more expensive purchases--anything I could conceivably have a tech support or service call about in the future--I also photograph serial numbers and store the photo in the same note with the manuals. If you wind up in a tech support or service conversation with anyone, you are going to need model number, serial number, etc. in all likelihood.

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