Thursday, January 1, 2015

We're Outstripping Our Own Sci-Fi Future

2015 not only sounds super-futuristic, it actually demonstrably is. We're outstripping our own science fiction future.

We've passed the futures depicted in Clockwork Orange (set in 1995), Escape From New York (1997), Stranger In A Strange Land (late 1990's) and Silent Running (2008). And, of course, 1984 and 2001 are long gone (in fact, 1984's as distant from us as 1953 was in 1984).

We'll soon overtake Logan’s Run (2016), Blade Runner (2019), and Soylent Green (2022).

Still, a few futuristic classics remain in our future. We're not even halfway through the timeline of Asimov's I, Robot stories (1998 through 2052), and The Terminator (2029), Fahrenheit 451 (circa 2053), Minority Report (2054), Alien (2122), The Matrix (2199), Brave New World (2540), and Dune (20,000 years in the future) remain on our distant horizon.

Alarmingly, I wasn't able to establish exactly when we need to start worrying about those damned apes taking over. So be safe out there.

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