Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Lebron's Magical Moment of Inspiration

I like sports but I'm not an expert. I've been watching the NBA finals like a newbie, missing a lot of the subtleties. But I do know about intuition, and I caught something amazing in Tuesday's game which even the announcer missed.

At the end of the 3rd quarter, Lebron stole a pass and scored an easy basket. The announcer says it was a “bad pass”, but I slowed it way down, and discovered that it was a perfectly good pass, but what happened was that Lebron saw it coming way, way ahead of time. So far ahead of time that it could only be accounted for by what they call a "flow state". This doesn't often get captured on camera, so I'm excited to share it.

The following video shows the play, then repeats it in super-slow motion. In the slower version, notice that LeBron James starts out under the basket, hardly paying attention. At a certain point he glances up, and his body just knows where the ball's going to be passed. He goes directly there, quite obviously without thinking. It's a small gem with power to inspire even if basketball's not your thing.

I'd suggest you click in the lower corner after you hit "play", to blow the picture up to full-screen size. And you may have to watch it a few times; it's so nonchalant in its inevitability that it's quite easy to miss the magic of what actually happened.

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