Tuesday, July 21, 2015

"A Bite of China"

My friend, guitarist and cooking enthusiast Dave Mitchell recommends a TV series called "A Bite of China" from Chinese television. "I am in the process of watching all the episodes. I really like it. It has subtitles in English translated by a Chinese translator so it's all wrong at times but you can understand what they are talking about. A great look into real life and the way the Chinese cook and think about food."

Here's episode one, on a page containing links to the subsequent episodes. You can also view the series for free via Amazon Prime Video (I'm not sure if the subtitles there are any better) or buy the DVD for $10 here (you'll need an all-region DVD player - or see whether you can hack your current player by googling the model number along with "all-region").

Here's the first episode, to get you started:

Also: if you missed it, there's a great free series of knife skills videos

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