Saturday, September 5, 2015

Applebee's Raves on Chowhound

A Chowhound user raves about his swell meal at Applebees. And I respond.

I'm not tilting at windmills. This is the way to do it: by enticing, rather than person at a time (always remember: many are silently reading along).

If you abandon good resources when you spot dilution, you are just as responsible for the dilution as the clueless encroachers. More so, in fact, because those guys usually don't know better.

Chowhound isn't a remote TV station to be passively watched. Every user's a program director. We can invest effort to make it a wonderland, or permit it to devolve. It's up to every last user. You determine the dilution. Consider: when Chowhound's gone - or useless - where exactly will you go?

Skilled chowhounds who complain about how not enough good stuff's posted anymore remind me of this:
My parents were perpetually indignant about how, as they kept moving further eastward on Long Island, the assholes from Brooklyn kept following them and ruining the rural landscape. They never realized that we, ourselves, were the Brooklyn assholes who kept moving eastward and ruining things!

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Display Name said...

Thanks for this Jim. I haven't posted much on chowhound since the mods informed my friend that if he posted one more thing about food and health they would deactivate his account.
I don't like the heart system on chowhound. I have seen it used in aggressive ways but even though I don't own a cell phone I gave you a heart. Gave me a reason to log in again.
Went back to Jesse's in souderton again today for a pulled pork sandwich with garlic mashed and slaw as my sides. Barbecue places tend to close down in my neck of the woods so I try to give Jesse all the business I can. And even the desserts can be amazing. Apple crisp with apples from the family orchard with plenty of buttery topping. They are closed now until wednesday. /sniff.

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