Saturday, June 18, 2016

Crawling Up and Dying

Donald Trump wants to kill the families of terrorists. Liberals, quite rightly, figure this proves the man is a monster.

But think about one thing for a moment. When a person makes a racist or misogynist remark, and the statement goes viral, what's the first thing liberals try to do? They push to get the person fired. How many times have we seen agitated crowds of activists insist that people be stripped of their employment due to a beneath-the-pale statement?

It's become a knee-jerk response, never even questioned. Of course racists should be fired! Racists don't deserve employment; they have no place in civil society. It's beyond question that they should be stripped of their ability to earn a living.

In the world I live in (which may not be the same world indignant activists live in), losing ones job means not eating or paying rent. It means not supporting your family, your children. It is quite a grave thing. But "bad" people - racists, misogynists, homophobes, sex offenders* - can crawl up and die...and their families can crawl up and die right along with them.

* - See "Untouchables", my friend David Feige's film about our insane treatment of sex offenders.

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