Monday, July 4, 2016

Lazy Fat Lonely Kings

The late, great, Elie Wiesel reviewed Disneyworld, back in 1957, and reported that it beats the hell out of Auschwitz. The article about this been linked everywhere this week for the following line:
I don’t know if a Garden of Eden awaits adults in the hereafter. I do know, though, that there is a Garden of Eden for children here in this life. I know because I myself visited this paradise.
But his description of the House of the Future was what got my attention:
Futuristic man will live such a wonderful life! Everything will come to him so, so easily! If someone knocks at the door, you won’t have to go to see who it is: He will appear on the screen of your television. If the telephone rings, you’ll be able to see the person you’re speaking with and not just hear his voice. And a thousand other such conveniences will turn your house into a royal palace and transform you yourself into a lazy, fat, lonely king.

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