Friday, February 17, 2017

Trump's Asymmetric Handshake Warfare

You probably already know about the f'd-up power move our President likes to inflict on his handshake victims, but here's an essential 80 second refresher:

Here's what I'm wondering: Will he try this against his boy Vlad when they meet in July at the G20 summit? If so, will Putin, a practitioner of judo (all about using an opponent’s aggression against him; this is all pretty much Judo 101), come prepared?

Justin Trudeau is the only victim who's come in prepped with countermeasures thus far. Read this hilarious play-by-play of their recent match (captured on video here).


Richard Stanford said...

My favorite Trudeau moment was when Trump decided to go double-or-nothing and suggested that the photographers "probably want[ed] another handshake" once they were seated. He seemed honestly surprised that it didn't work for a second time.

Jim Leff said...

Link or it didn't happen!

plam said...

Justin Trudeau did some judo when he was a kid, but was more famous recently for winning a boxing match against a Conservative senator.

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