Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Black Cop

Some people might watch this video of the first 30 seconds of Richard Spencer's talk today at U of Florida and see a repugnant ass with a microphone. Others might focus, with sanctimony or ambivalence (I'm the latter), on the screaming kids drowning him out. What really gets my attention is a seemingly minor player: the very professional-looking black cop stoically standing there, protecting our enshrined right to peaceful free speech and assembly.

There were plenty of similar cops at the notorious Charlottesville rally. Always the black cop, completely unfazed, unimpressed, just keeping the peace. Period. That's the side he's on. Everything else is, quite rightly, yadda yadda.

Don't forget the cop. Focus on the cop. That's America. Not punching Nazis or drowning out Nazis or being Nazis; just standing there hyper-competently protecting everybody else's right to act like asshats. He's the good news people miss.

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