Monday, November 20, 2017

David Cid

My Catalan friend, David Cid, is a very imaginative and talented animator, artist, and performance designer (also a cook!). I always enjoy his stuff, because he's always surprising, never content to serve up the expected thing, the usual beat, the standard gesture. Of course, that alone is insufficient. It's not so hard to fly off the rails and "baffle them with bullshit." But the gold key goes to those who can actually create inspiring results without lazily dipping into the dependable sack of "same-old".

At some point, one of his eclectic stage shows will travel to USA (and I'll post a heads-up). Meanwhile, check out his web site (it's in Spanish, but you should be able to get around ok), as well as the following reel:


Steve said...

Maybe I missed something, but I didn't find a list of David Cid's upcoming shows anywhere, regardless of continent. Can you point me to where I could find that info?


Jim Leff said...

Problem's that it's way more fun to retrospect than to perpetually update. Creative types are notoriously poor at the latter. Wrong side of the brain! :)

I don't see that info anywhere, either, but if you drop him a line (in Spanish or Catalan; Google Translate works well), I'm sure he'd answer. Just tell him I sent you!

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