Sunday, May 27, 2018

Making Sense of Felix Sater's Restaurant Tip

Help. I've fallen down an Internet rabbit hole.

First, Erica Jong's daughter posted a photo from a weird dinner party at her mother's house, embracing none other than Felix frickin' Sater:

This led me to discover that Felix Sater actually has a Twitter account, where he's apparently angling to become a "hey, it's that guy!" guy.

I'm not sure it's really working for him, though. Witness this oddly calibrated reply:

If you don't know, Sater - the son of one of the nastiest and most brutal Russian Mob bosses - once served hard time for attacking someone in a bar with a broken margarita glass. Hahaha. Colorful.

Sater's recent shtick in the media has involved claiming to have been a super patriotic American for years, doing risky espionage work for our intelligence services. It's all completely confusing (given the election tampering thing and the mob thing), but likely well-explained by this guy:

So anyway I stumbled across this tweet from good ol' Felix mentioning a restaurant called Dorian's that I've never heard of:

Strangely, Yelp comes up mostly empty:

...unless Felix got the name wrong (e.g. "Dorrian's", or "Dorian Grey").

But pretty far down Yelp's search results is a place with the correct name, and a reviewer calls it "a great hang out spot after work. Great food and good service. Definitely would come here again".

But there's only that one review, and the venue's entry includes none of the usual Yelp info. Highly improbable for a place in midtown Manhattan! And that review intrigued me.

So I googled the phone number, and it gets just enough hits to make it not a hoax, but nowhere near enough for a legit place in Midtown.

One of those search results reveals the corporation's full name: "Dorian's Tijuana S A". Their business sector is "Management Services".

Yelp - and all the dodgy resources in that Google search - gives the address as 450 Fashion Ave. I vaguely recognize Fashion Ave as an alias for 7th Ave, but it's awfully strange to use that form, especially since that's the location of Nelson Tower which always uses the more normal address of 450 7th Avenue.

But what's super weird is that googling "Nelson Tower" together with "Dorian's" yields no useful results at all.

Anyone out there have any ideas?

Many Twitter users insist that he simply misspelled Dorrian's. But I still have no idea what's going on with Dorian's on "Fashion Ave" with the Tijuana connection.

Barry Strugatz describes this as the "Chowhound version of Coppola’s The Conversation."

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