Sunday, September 30, 2018

Trump May Be Playing Kim Jong-Un Well

This photo has been making the rounds of Twitter, in reference to Trump's recent juvenile expression of "love" and "trust" for the odious Kim Jong-Un.

Here's a contrarian view: Trump's playing this right. People fail to realize that mobsters (I've known a few) are often highly sentimental. Given that Kim, like Trump, is a mobster through and through, this shit might actually work.

It certainly won't make North Korea denuclearize, or achieve any other grand result. But it very well might place him in a more favorable mindset for negotiations. Bear in mind that this comes after decades of he and his forefathers whining to be accepted like big boys. So this actually means something to him, even if, sure, his mind is also whirling with ways to try to leverage it against us.

I'm sorry if this upsets those who feel that failure to stridently object to Cheeto Jesus' every word and action is akin to collaboration (they tend to be the same people who for the life of them couldn't understand why Republicans kept blindly rejecting even Obama's most patently beneficial and conservative pre-approved initiatives). But while having a mobster in charge is a very bad thing for this country, it does present occasional benefits.

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